10 Tips for Promoting Your Website Sale or Auction Listing

Website Sales Broker Tools
Nearly all markets or brokers that offer listings or auctions to sell websites offer marketing tools to help you promote your site for sale. Take advantage of these tools.

Market via Bloggers
Let bloggers, particularly those who blog about business, entrepreneurship, and of course website buying and selling, know about your site for sale. Offer them a small cut if their mention leads to a sale.

Market via Forums
Forums, particularly those about business, entrepreneurship, and of course website buying and selling, are great places to discuss and market (in a tactful way) your website for sale.

Email Promotions
A well targeted and well executed email campaign can lead to interest in your website for sale. It’s a fine line between a targeted email campaign and spamming people, so be careful because spamming can get your listing removed if too many people complain.

Approach the Competition
Your site is likely not alone in the market place, you have competitors. A great possibility exists by letting your websites competitors know that your site is for sale. They may buy it to expand their own service base, or simply to eliminate some of the competition.

Advertise on Craigslist
Even if you are selling on another market is can be helpful to advertise your site on Craigslist. This is a strategy more for selling lower priced website, such as those under $1,000.

Don’t Stick a For Sale Sign on Your Website
Not only does it look tacky it will nearly always push potential buyers away and will cause the value of your site to decrease.

Use PPC Advertising With Caution
PPC advertising has been used successfully in the past, but check with your broker or market to make sure you don’t run afoul of their rules before launching a PPC campaign.

Don’t Spam Twitter Followers
Not only will it get you blocked by Twitter it will likely get your listing removed from the listing or auction site.

Use Word of Mouth
Talk to people on social media, or in your day to day activities, let them know you have a site for sale (without being a pain about it). You never know when an interaction like this can lead to a sale.