10 Tips for Successful Website Flipping

Make Sure the Seller is Trustworthy
As in any business transaction it is important to make sure the person you’re buying the website from is trustworthy. An unscrupulous seller may use techniques to make the site more appealing, like artificially inflating the traffic, to drive the price up.

Find the Best Place to Buy a Website for Flipping
There are a lot of places online for buying and selling websites. It’s important to find the best market for you and your business model.

Find Websites with Potential
You make money flipping websites by buying a site that has not yet reached its full potential, so you will be looking for sites that could draw a lot more traffic if modifications were done to them.

Know Your Limits
Don’t get in over your head. If the site is going to require extensive coding, but you don’t know how to code that’s going to add to the cost of purchasing the site. When starting out flipping websites it’s best to keep it small, and grow as you gain experience.

Be Ready to Pull the Trigger
When you find a site with potential that fits your business model, you have to be ready to make the purchase. Delay could cost you the site, and with it the potential to make money.

Research the Website
Research should always include, at least, a look into the site traffic and a current SEO analysis of the site.

Offer the Right Price
The point of flipping websites is to make money. Understanding the amount of work that will need to go into the website, if you can do the work yourself, and what a fair price for the website as it is now are all factors you need to consider when deciding on a price to offer.

Get the Website Ready to Sell
Once you own the website you need to get it ready to sell which will require SEO work to increase traffic, and possibly some coding if the site has design or usability issues.

Plan the Sale
The right place for you to buy a site may not be the best place for you to sell your site. Find a good place to sell then market your site across the Internet.

Repeat the Process
Successful website flipping is about turning over websites continually, you don’t do it one time. The best news is that every time you flip a website you get better, faster, and make more money.