How To Choose Domain Name

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Choosing Domain Names

Looking for the right and suitable domain name is one of the first and the most important steps in setting up a site. One needs to set aside some time in looking for the right domain name that does fit your future website and make it easier for your prospective customers or visitors to easily identify your website. Choosing domain name will need to be done carefully and with some great thought and purpose.

So what are some of the top factors to consider when choosing a domain name? Well, there lies some exact philosophy and process behind it.

Make them simple
The domain names should be no twisters as people will not remember them. Rather make them simple, fun and easy to remember. The golden rule to begin with is to make the domain name easy to spell and pronounce as well. Avoid keeping any complicated names.

Choose a Doman name that goes with your website
For example, it would be sensible to choose dictionary word.  This makes it easy for your visitors to remember you.

Keep the domain name short
Long domain names tend to sound a little overwhelming and might intimidate your visitors. Make them short and simple so as to get more popular with masses. The character length of a typical domain name is 11 but generally people tend to keep it to 7.

Be expressive
A descriptive domain name will immediately connect you with your visitors. Well, you need to be a little creative here as to how to describe your website in a short domain name. Being descriptive doesn’t mean you end up making long domain names.

The right spellings
No spelling mistakes will do here. So make sure to register with the correctly spelled out domain name. Many people go for a wrong spelling on purpose to sound like a famous brand. But this is a bad taste.

Is your domain available?
Now that you have finally decided and hit upon a good domain name, that relates to your business, is short and is correctly spelt, you still need to check out on its availability. Perhaps it is already taken or the extension is not available.

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