How to Find a Niche to Make Your Website a Success

The importance of niche to your websites success cannot be overstated. Niche ranks at, or near, the absolute top when evaluating the potential a website has for success or failure. Choose the right niche and you can set yourself up for a very successful website, on the other hand, choose your niche poorly and the online community will send you, and your site, packing. So how do you find a niche that will lead to success rather than failure? It’s all about branding.

Niche is intimately linked to your brand, you really can’t have one without the other. This is why developing your brand and developing your niche will, almost always go hand in hand. If there is a disconnect between the your brand and the niche you are targeting your only option will be failure. This is best illustrated with an example. If your website is branded as a site to help beginning wedding photographers get their business up and running, but your articles cover everything from sports photography to advertising, and even landscapes, your are very likely to not appeal to anyone. Your brand (helping beginning wedding photographers) is focused but your niche is not well defined.

The best way to find the niche that is going to make your site a success is to start with a list of keywords that come to mind when you think about your website. If you already have a brand fleshed out that’s even better because that gives you a narrower starting point for your list of keywords. After you have your list of keywords start narrowing them down to a few, very related, words and start looking for a niche (one that is not oversaturate already) that relate to your narrow list. And remember, when it comes to a niche smaller is better.