How To Install Wordpress

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Installing Wordpress

You can find the simple procedure for installing WordPress on their official website or on the video below. Installation process takes approximately 5 minutes. However, it might take several hours for getting it done correctly. If you are installing as a beginner, and you have a basic knowledge of FTP applications, database installing with help of hosting panels like cPanel/Plesk, then you can do it within ten to fifteen minutes. If you are entirely new to everything and rely completely on the step-by-step guide, then you might take thirty minutes or more to learn and install it.

The 5 - minute installation actually indicates that after placing the files in place and creating a database, the installation button will complete the process in 5 minutes. This lesson is about using the installation wizard.

Since we talk about self-hosted Wordpress Version, it assumes that you already own a web space in a server. It is not same as having your own domain name. Domain names indicate the server where website files are located whereas having a hosting account means that you have a web space for storing the files. Certain hosts even provide auto-installation for WordPress. There are very little requirements for Wordpress and certain hosting packages nowadays, as the even basic ones meet them. To be sure, you can check whether your hosting account has PHP version 4.3 or later installed and MySQL database version 4.0 or later installed.

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