How To Make SEO For Website

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Making SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is extremely important for any website. If you do not want your website to go stagnant or dysfunctional, you will have to breathe life in it with the help of SEO. Today, when there are billions of sites surfed by people and with hundreds more getting added to the number every other day, it sure is not easy to reach to your potential visitors or customers for the website.

With the proper SEO, you not only make your website SEO friendly but also make sure it is not lost in those trillions of web pages online. But you need to implement the right strategies and design the planning phases of your marketing correctly for the best SEO.
How to make your website SEO friendly? Well, go through the following guidelines.

Keep your site simple
Keep your site simple and easy to follow. Make use of all those white spaces on your site so that it is visually appealing to your visitors. But don’t choke it with too many images or heavy content. The design should be simple yet attractive and the content to the point and informative.

No JavaScript or Flash
Use flash or JavaScript only when essential. Excessive use of these elements will only increase the loading time for the page and your visitor will simply move on without even looking at your page.

 Organize the site properly
Make sure the website is user friendly and easy to navigate. People hate moving across sites that tend to confuse them and will probably stop surfing the website even if it is attractive and informative. Navigating should be simple, easy and include relevant anchor links on each page. Include a site map always. Navigations are best kept to the left.

Reduce the minimum loading time
Make sure the index or the home page takes minimum time to load. Visitors love it when they are able to open a site within seconds and navigate it freely. You would be able to reach a larger number of your potential visitors.

 Check accessibility of the server
The web server that is hosting your website should be up 24 hours so that people can access the website any time of the day or night or you would be losing your business.

 Useful content
Remember that visitors come to your website seeking info on some product or services. Make sure to offer them content that is relevant to the site. Insert useful and meaningful content that should be optimized for seo. The language should be easy to comprehend and interesting to read.

Gep back links
These are simply mentions of your website on other relevant sites. Whenever your site is talked about on another website online, it reflects the importance and popularity of your website and leaves a positive impact on the visitors. Hence, avoid being an island online and socialize to get a number of back links related to your niche to get noticed.

Make On-Page SEO
The information about on-page seo, h1, h2, h3 tags, meta tags and other elements will come soon...