What can be the source of traffic for your website ? – PC based sources

There are dozens of ways to increase traffic for your website nowadays and most of those are even paid services. But paying a service to advertise you isn’t the only way available when it comes to increasing website traffic. There are numeral ways and we are going to explain a few here.

First and most importantly, search engines are the most popular and successful means of increasing your page’s popularity. Websites like Google, Yahoo and Bing could be the best place to start with advertising your webpage. This can be done by either providing high quality links on your website or posting new content on your website at least on a daily basis so that you can create a bigger following.

Up next are social media. Once you’ve chosen the right social platform for your page, then advertising and posting updates on your social media page is something that can greatly influence your page’s popularity. Choosing the right social media platform is crucial as well of course, since a company for example might profit more from having an active Linked In social page than it would by having a facebook page. The social media part of course includes the mobile media as well since lots of people are looking through the social feeds through their mobile devices and you want to be able to have them check out what you are posting, regarding your website, as well.

Last but not least, RSS feeds are also still really strong when it comes to boosting the number of visits your website gets. Many people say that the RSS feed is kind of gone but that is not entirely true. Even though other social media have taken over by attracting a large amount of followers, the RSS feed is still ongoing and can help a lot with a webpage’s popularity.