Some Cheap (or Free) Website Marketing Methods

Advertising and marketing, often times, cost money—sometimes they can cost a lot of money. But there are some cheap (and even some free) ways to market your website. While they take a little more work than paying for marketing, if they are done correctly, they can have a big impact on driving visitors to your site.

Since more and more people are getting information via the web, this has become a great way to market any business or website. The key is to know where to target your marketing efforts. Google+ is becoming more important for marketing your business because of the model that Google+ uses  encourages people who do not know each other to interact—this is different than Facebook’s model of focusing, primarily, on close personal relationships. Take advantage of Google+ by setting up a page for your website and then start following other people, business, and communities with similar interests to your site.

The monthly newsletter is a great way to market your website. By getting visitors to sign up for your newsletter it gives you a chance once (or twice) a month to remind them to visit your site—just make sure you don’t spam your subscribers or the newsletter could end up doing more damage than good.

Word of mouth can be an incredible marketing tool. An easy way to spread word of mouth about your site is to use business cards (yes they are still important and useful). You can get business cards made up cheaply and hand them out continuously.

Give something away free. Businesses have known about the power of free for decades. From cereal makers to car dealers to restaurants, one of the best ways to get people in the door (or on your site) is to offer them something for free. Make it both valuable to them and an incentive to buy your full product.