The Top 10 Affiliate Networks and How to Get Approved

Amazon Associates
After you apply on their website a real person from Amazon will look at your website to see if it meets their approval. As long as you have a site that does not violate their service agreement you are likely to get approved. You can increase your chances by advertising or reviewing Amazon products on your site before applying.

iTunes Affiliate Program
With iTunes you apply on their site and it will take up to five days to receive approval. Make sure you don’t violate their terms and approval is straightforward.

With ClickBank you simply sign up online and you’re ready to go. ClickBank also pays great commissions of up to 75%.

HostGator Affiliate Program
HostGator makes it easy to start earning high commissions from their affiliate program. They also make it easy to sign up and get approved, just fill out the simple online form and you can start monetizing your site in just a few minutes.

GoDaddy Affiliate Program
With commissions of up to 40% and a very simple sign up process GoDaddy is a great way to start earning income in affiliate marketing.

Another great affiliate program from a web hosting company. Simply join the program on their website and they provide all the tools to get you started.

Just Cloud Affiliate Program
Just Cloud pays $5 for trial sign ups and $125 for paid sign ups making it a very good affiliate program. When applying make sure your site meets their acceptance policy because, unlike other programs, if your domain is rejected it is rejected for life.

Indeed Job Affiliate Program
Indeed offers a very good affiliate program but make sure you check their Acceptable Use Policy as their are a number of restricted website that Indeed will not approve for their affiliate program.

Shopify Affiliate Program
The Shopify Affiliate Program pays some of the highest commissions in the business, plus it’s one of the easiest affiliate programs to join.

Best Buy Affiliate Program
With Best Buy’s affiliate program you can earn great commission on high ticket items. Sign up is easy and handled through LinkShare.