Top 10 reasons why a website isn’t popular

There are lots of reasons why a website isn’t a popular and those can be either the owner’s fault or just a mistake down by a web designer. So we will break down the top 10 reason why a website might not be popular enough in this article.

1. The content might not be of great quality.
2. The website is kind of unresponsive, meaning that accessibility through various means, like mobile devices for example, is not provided for the visitor.
3. The website has a blog and relies too much on it for publicity despite the fact that blogs do not really attract that much attention most of the time.
4. There is no way for a visitor, who is already a registered member of a famous social media platform, to log in through that platform on the website. Most if not all visitors like to save time by being able to just use their already made account to log in and use the website’s features.
5. The social media share buttons on the website are not used correctly or are misplaced and really hard to find.
6. The user experience (UX) is done in an entirely wrong way thus making visitors not want to visit the website again. Making it easier to find what you think the visitor will be looking for first can result in really good publicity.
7. There is no visually attractive content on the website or there is little to none visual content at all.
8. There are no introductions or well-written sentences that guide the visitor through the various pages of the website itself.
9. The website is not advertised enough through social media or not enough have been done already for the increase of the website’s reputation.
10. The website’s owner hasn’t thought about the most important things that would make his/her website that more popular. For example, the things the website offers and who they are aimed towards.