Where to sell a website - Top 10 places

Once you’ve done with improving your website and actually setting up nicely so that everything looks perfect for the person who will be buying it, then all that remains is finding a good place to actually sell your website for a good price. Finding the right place to sell your website can of course be hard since there are dozens online marketplaces out there right now thus making the choice difficult. We will mention the top 10 best places to actually sell your website and what is good about each of those websites to make it easier for you to choose which is actually the best one for you.

1. Flippa. It’s considered to be the website with the most traffic when it comes to website selling.
2. Warrior Forum. It has the most active IM forum and lots of people that are willing to buy a website are lurking around there at any time during the day.
3. DigitalPoint Forum. It’s one of the most active places you can go to in order to advertise what you have for sale.
4. WebsiteBroker. The next best option after Flippa if you are looking for a place with lots of traffic.
5. eBay. One of the most common marketplaces for pretty much anything, but its auction mechanics offer great opportunities for website selling. Ebay Has a dedicated website selling section.
6. BuySellWebsite. The best website when it comes to offering really good listing and appraisal services.
7. Flipping Enterprises. It’s basically a website with ready buyers and brokers to act as the middle man.
8. WeSellYourSite. Really high quality service when it comes to needing brokerage in order to sell your website.
9. Webmasters Marketplace. A marketplace that allows free listing of websites for sale
10. It is basically a sub-forum website marketplace that wasn’t started that long ago.