Which is better WordPress or HTML website?

When you get ready to start building your website you’re faced with an enormous number of choices, and chief among them is what platform you will be used to build your website. For many people the choices boil down to either building their site on WordPress or using a standard HTML site.

WordPress Pros and Cons

WordPress makes it very easy for site owners to add new content and publish blog posts to their website, without having to write HTML or PHP code. With WordPress users have an administration section that allows near infinite customization via themes, plugins, and adding & modifying content. WordPress also has SEO plugins that can help users ensure their site is visible, and attractive to search engines. WordPress sites can be built, launched and maintained without every hiring a developer.
With this control comes a learning curve and the potential to render your site inoperable by breaking a theme (if you try to customize it without understanding PHP) or installing incompatible plugins. Since WordPress uses PHP and a complex systems of hooks to display your site, making changes to a theme will almost always require hiring a developer to change the code.

HTML Pros and Cons

Since HTML is much easier to work with than PHP, building a site in HTML can be a lot easier. HTML sites are almost always much smaller than WordPress site since you do not have to install an entire blog engine and CMS frame work.
Building and HTML site will require you to either learn HTML or hire a developer, there is no option for “point and click” HTML sites like there is with WordPress. Changes to and HTML site will also require changing the code, and all SEO is left entirely up to the developer and site owner.
For simple sites HTML can be a great option since it’s small and fast, but for larger sites (or sites that require continual additions or changes) WordPress offers more attractive option.